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Hi everyone,

I have posted here before about the same topic, but I was wondering if anyone has any information about the waiting time for the Karta Pobytu after the employer has received the work permit? Online it says that once the employer has received the work permit then the temporary residence card is processed immediately but I feel like I can't trust what's online anymore. If anyone has a similar situation or any information, I would gladly appreciate it.

Hi Sar3,

Which location are you asking about?


Ok. Wroclaw area. It is not that popular nor it is a first or second choice of foreigners to come so thankfully you will wait less. But then much depends on the people in the Foreigners' Affairs Dept. at the Voivode Office. I don't have very up-to-date feedback from there unfortunately, but after you get the work permit you're working legally and the stay had been leegal since the moment of applying so the only hassle is to get the decision (i.e. residence card afterwards the decision is issued AND picked up) in order to enable you to travel freely. But that's the only obstalce.
Has your visa expired?

Yes, it has been a crazy time so far. We've been waiting since May 2017. My visa expired in August so I've been stuck for a while. I'm happy that I'm able to work legally now but I really need the card, just for security and to feel safe and to travel wherever I like. So you say that I must wait for the decision and then going to pick it up, are you thinking a month or two?

Thanks for your help so far

Thats what I heard. I just had a friend get his decision on an renewal application that was submitted about the time as yours in Gorzow Wielkopolski. I had thpugjt that because I too am in a less desirable area and from the US that I would  see sooner news but its been since October and no news with the exception of the Police visit. My wife contacted a friend who works there and told her that its taking 6 to 9 months to process the temporary resident cards. It not good news.

Wow this is crazy. It used to be only 2-3 months so I never thought it would be like this. Definitely learning patience here in Poland that's forsure! Goodluck with everything, I hope you hear news soon.

We have had Christmas and New Year holidays, so that could be the reason why things slowed down?

Unfortunately my situation is same as yours :( my employee got my work permit 2 months ago but I am still waiting residence card and and as expats you,me and more we are waiting also because of Ukrainian immigrations after the joined Ukraine to eu,Poland engaged many Ukrainian for working so it is also why we are waiting long time for processing :(

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