Overstay in case of renewal of passport!

Hello readers!

I have lost my passport in Muscat while travelling. My Visa expires on the 5th of Jan'18, while i would get my passport on either the 7th of Jan'18 or the 8th. I have the original reports for the missing passport from the police station and the immigration office. Will i be still subject to any fines or penalties in this regard?

Any help whatsoever is highly appreciated! :)


Hi Taha Jawaid,

Firstly,  what visa you are on would be of consequence.

If you are on an employment visa, there would be absolutely no problems at all, since you are a legally verified and registered resident of the Sultanate.

If you are on any other short-term visa, and if you are able to authenticate your loss with valid official documents, you will get the needed reprieve.

Hello Sumitran,

I am here on express visa, which has a 3 week validity; non-extendable. i would definitely be able to authenticate the loss with the missing certificate as obtained from the ROP, but would that suffice and not result in penalty of overstaying per day?

Hi Taha Jawaid,

Yes. That would more than suffice.

Thanks a lot for your help, Sumitran! ☺

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