Social Security Contribution NonEU married to Romanian

Here is my situation.

I am marrying in Romania.  I am US Citizen and I will marry a Romanian citizen.  I will then obtain residency in Bucharest.

I work for a company in the US as a contractor through a 1099.  I now understand my responsibility to the US for Taxes and Social Security.  I also know that there does not exist a totalization between US and Romania.  So as it seems I will have to pay contributions to Romania for Social Security.

1.  Do I file to the government as Self-Employed in Romania?

2.  With the new laws for 2018 is there a set number I can expect for my contributions in % of my global income?
     a. Pension Contribution (which I have seen varying numbers)
     b. Health Insurance
     c. Are there any other contributions I would have to make to the Romanian government?

3. I work as a software developer and I read that developers and certain IT workers are exempt from certain aspects.  Is this true?

4.  Have I misinterpreted all of this and if so could someone point me in the right direction?

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