Your experience with the Retirement Visa

I'm new to Thailand and trying to weave myself out of the 30-day visa run. I'm here because of family (US & EU on work permits) but I entered via a 30-day tourist visa at the airport.

To get a Non-immigrant O visa for 1 year with multiple entries I have to be inside the US--not in a neighboring country here. That might happen if I send my application to the Los ANgeles Thai embassy while I'm visiting friends in Hawaii.

Or I could apply for the Retirement visa. Is this correct--the only requirement is an affidavit from the US embassy that monthly income is $2100 or more?  I was told I don't have to put those funds into a Thai bank account. And I take that affidavit and application to Immigration here in BKK. Those who are on the retirement visa--is it that simple? For a 1-year multiple entry, non immigrant O visa? Is legal assistance necessary?

Many thanks for taking the time to share your experience!

You have to be at least 50 years old.
I depend on the information from my nearest Thai consulate: … link_id=48
The monetary requirements are (in baht!):
- applicant's bank statement (U.S.) showing a balance in the amount of not less than 800,000 Baht
- or an income certificate with a monthly salary of not less than 65,000 Baht
- or a combination of a deposit account plus a monthly income totaling not less than 800,000 Baht a year.
Immigration MAY ask for criminal background check and medical certification, but that's very rarely called for.

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