Details about Kryvhi Rih

Hi Friends,
I am planning to move from Kolkata  India to Kryvhi Rih Ukraine with my family. I have 1.5 year old baby boy. I am pure vegetarian person (Jain community). At home we don't have onion, garlic, potato, brinjal, egg, meat, fish etc.
I have lot of thing in my for the place Kryvyi Rih. Please help me to get the information.
1. Indian food / Indian spices / Indian food raw material is avaialble ?
2. What about the medical facilties as I have small baby.
3. Is the place is secured for the family?
4. How the local public behaves with the expacts.
5. Any idea about the cost of living compared to India.
6. Is it a very big issue for the pure vegatarian person to live there?
7. My wife is a Mater of Science in Botany with Gold Medal. Also have the degree in the teaching from India (Bachlor of Education). Can she work in the school for the teaching English.

Please help me to get the answer to plan with my family.

Many thanks in advance.

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