Autorisasjon as helsefagabeider was rejected. A Filipino citizen

Sak rejected my autorisasjon. I am a Filipino Citizen. I have 2 years in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and 5 months in Care Giving Course. They said my education is not enough to pass the qualification of Health Personnel in Norway. They didn't even count the first year of my education because they said my first year has too many irrelevant subjects to the course I took. I need a help to anyone who have been through to my situation or any ideas if what will I study to fulfill the qualification of Sak? I need atleast 1 or 2 years education. Do you think that 2 years in Bachelor of Midwifery is enough? or any ideas of which course in Health industry that you can suggest?  I sent an email to Sak about this and they just said that they can't approve any education unless I process it to Sak again. Please help me. Thank you and God bless.

I have replied to your pm :)

Thank you so much for the response po 😊😘

Hi Sis Stephy and Starshine! As I have previously inquired with Stephy last year, she told me to consult an EVO senter, in my area I found Karrieresenter. It was very helpful to get all the necessary info from them regarding our education and the transition process. My suggestion is to ask your norskkurs skole vilbli advisor. Or you can find relevant info from these sites below:

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