Remakes of classics

I might be showing my age  :lol: But growing up there were some great films and TV series made, only for modern day directors & producers to come along and think, we can cash in on this and remake them.

Take for instance Knight Rider the original series ran between 1982–1986 but they through in a few films,

Knight Rider 2000 (1991)
Knight Rider 2010 (1994)
Knight Rider (2008)

Then tried to revise these series with a spin off.

Team Knight Rider (1997–1998)
Knight Rider (2008–2009)
Code of Vengeance (1985–1986)

The later being a failure (in my opinion).

Should such entertainment be left in their glory days or are remakes worth it?

Open to discussion......?

The new Mummy is more of a poopy nappy.
The latest version of Karate kid, but the first was rubbish as well.
Around the world in 80 days remake with JC - OUCH!

I'm sure there are more but I'll have to clean up the vomit I created when thinking of these before I try again.


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