Renting home in the UK while in Denmark

Hi Expatters!

I've got a potential move to Denmark from the UK happening and I wonder if any of you have experience of renting out your house/apartment in you home country while in Denmark?

From what I understand the rent I receive less only my mortgage interest will be taxable in Denmark which almost makes it impossible financially. If anyone has any experience they could share that would be much appreciated...



I would call SKAT. You find the phone number here

On the same page you find a calculator, but as it is meant for Danish housings, I think it'll not make sense in your case.

Whether you have to refurbish your house or not when you are back will depend on the tenant. I have heard from an expat that their house needed an extensive refurbishment when they came back. Don't judge a dog by its collar, but take care you do a good paperwork.


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