Links to obtain criminal records checks from US state jurisdictions

List of US State jurisdictions providing online background checks or mail-in checks with and without fingerprints

I hope that this will be useful to US citizens who have been in Vietnam for more than six months or in other countries who do not want to return to the US simply to obtain criminal records checks for work permits..

States marked Yes appear to have uncertified name based checks available online.  Others marked Yes allow you to download a mail-in application.  Some have mail-in applications but the records check must be mailed to US addresses.  I have still marked these with a “Yes” as I assume most expats have a way to receive mail at their prior home.  Note carefully that some states may require notarization of the mail-in application.  All of these documents whether downloaded or mailed to you will almost surely require that you notarize your attestation as to their accuracy at the Embassy/consulate and translate and authorize them at the Department of External Relations.   This is on Pasteur St. in HCMC.  I don’t know about Hanoi.  At any rate the consulate or embassy will give you the address.

I have not actually obtained checks from any of these states except Hawaii, as several sites require payment and/or registration.

States are marked No mostly because of the need for fingerprints. Some allow mail-in prints and will allow you to take your own prints, but some require that mail-in prints be taken by law enforcement personnel, so check the link carefully.   It is frustrating that the US Consulate/Embassy does not do fingerprinting. If they did, it would all be a lot easier.  I strongly suggest that you look at these “No” sites if they are for your state even if you do not intend to travel to the US to be fingerprinted.  There may be ways that I have missed.

Alabama: No; in person fingerprints are required.

Alaska: Yes; mail-in form available online, fingerprints not required for name check.

Arizona: No; records review packet available.  Requires self-taken prints.

Arkansas: Yes (apparently) Site requires registration so no details are available.

California: No; Live scan fingerprints are required for residents.  Non-residents may submit fingerprint cards.

Colorado: Yes (apparently);  Site requires registration: … und-checks

Connecticut: Yes: Mail-in form only, Both background check and “Letter of good conduct” are available by mail.

Delaware: No. Fingerprints must be done on location … tion.shtml

Florida: Yes;

Georgia: Yes; Felony search only but should be OK with VN authorities;

Hawaii: Yes

Idaho: No; Fingerprints are required but self-taken prints may be OK.

Illinois: Yes;  Name checks available but site registration is required;

Indiana: Yes; Felony check; printout and mail in application;

Iowa: Yes;

Kansas: Yes; … Check.html

Kentucky: Yes; … efault.asp

Louisiana: Yes (apparently); Requires site registration;

Maine: Yes;

Maryland: No Prints are required but self-taken prints may be OK; … ecks.shtml

Massachusetts: Yes apparently;  Registration required. … d-security

Michigan: Yes;

Minnesota: Yes;

Mississippi: No; not certain but appears to require fingerprints; registration and login required;,0,206.html

Missouri: Yes; … /home.html

Montana: Yes;

Nebraska: Yes;  Site provides records of “fingerprint based” arrests but apparently does not require fingerprints to obtain the report.

Nevada: No; fingerprint card required and must be signed by a “certified fingerprinting technician”; … istory.pdf

New Hampshire: Yes; Mail-in form available online. No prints checks are available but may need to be mailed to a US address; … imrecords/

New Jersey: Yes but unclear if checks of yourself are available;

New Mexico: Yes; name checks appear available but require a notarized release form with the application; … y-records/

New York: No; Fingerprints card administered by law enforcement required if applying from out of state;

North Carolina: No; Prints required for a statewide check; a county only check may be obtained without prints and may satisfy VN authorities; … single.asp

North Dakota: Yes;  Name based checks are available but with a mail-in form only; … cord-check

Oregon: Yes;

Pennsylvania: Yes; … n7OCPFzKAA

Rhode Island: Yes; Name checks are available only with notarized release form;

South Carolina: Yes;

South Dakota: No; Prints done by law enforcement are required; … check.aspx

Tennessee: Yes; … hecks.html

Texas: Yes; … alhistory/

Utah: Yes; Mail-in form available for no-prints check; … ry-record/

Vermont: Yes;

Virginia: Yes; Notarized application required. … Check.shtm

Washington: Yes.

Washington DC: Yes; Notarized letter required. … ry-section

West Virginia: No; All requests handled by third-party private agency; … fault.aspx

Wisconsin: Yes; site registration required;

Wyoming: No. Fingerprint card is required; … ory-checks

In addition Massachusetts has this listing of addresses and phone numbers for all states: … cords.html

Please feel free to comment if you find that any of these links don’t work as expected.

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