After birth Sponsorship to Canada.

Hello Expats

I have couple questions Ihope someone can help.  I am going to be back in HCMC next week to be with my pregnant wife.  I have applied for sponsorship for her and her daughter to come over to Canada.  2 weeks ago we just received a letter from CIC tell us to go get Medical checkup. We know that since she is pregnant, our files will be suspended until she get her X-ray (X-ray is bad for unborn) to complete the medical checkup.  My questions are:
1. after she give birth what documents do we need to update file?  I know I must get a birth certificate, DNA test and sponsorship application for the newborn. 
2. Is there anything else? 
3. What documents do I need to bring with me from Canada to get these documents?

Thank you.

Hello Canadian Fob
You will need vaccinations records too for the baby, your wife and you.
Bring all the health records you can get and have them translated if necessary.
Also bring any school and working records, language used.
You will need everything even if that does not make any sense :)
good luck.

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