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Hi! I'm a Science teacher and an online ESL tutor as well and I want to work in KL for good. I'm from the Philippines. Any one can give me an advice on how to get a job in KL? Thank you.

Experience in teaching the Cambridge or another UK curriculum would be essential.

Im done with my Master's Degree as well.
Is there a great chance for me to land a job in KL? Im working 7 years as a teacher.

Not without UK curriculum experience - but I do know that you can get hands on experience in the IB curriculum through a short training course and job afterwards at Fairvew KL - http://www.fairview.edu.my/fv_live/news … b-teacher/

thank you.

how about call center jobs?

Without experience probably difficult field to enter in Malaysia. However if the product was education-related that might be an entre

I have a 3 months of experience as an agent but it was a home-based one.

Like this  : https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/job/edu … 6541?fr=21

From: https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/job-sea … =education

The other main international teaching job resource is the Times Educational Supplement:


The new school year began yesterday for the international schools that also offer the local curriculum. So Jobstreet probably wont have any teaching jobs in such institutions right now.

August 2018 is the start of the new school year for many International Schools.

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