A Question About the Status of Women in KSA

I am an ESL teacher.  If I brought my wife to KSA what would she be allowed to do?  I understand that she would have to cover her head and wear a black robe.  Would she be able to go out by herself while I am at work?  Please advise me on any other restrictions I should know about.  Thank you.


Hi Tom

It’s pretty much safe around here she doesn’t have to cover her head in public places such as restaurants and malls she can take an Uber and go wherever she feels like and next juin she ll be able to drive herself. There are “ “restrictions” really she just needs to have a group of friends to go out with and that’s it.

Things are changing for good.

Just to be clear, she doesn't have to cover her head?  What would she have to wear?  Would she have to wear one of those long black robes (I don't remember what they are called)?

Yes she will have to wear a abaya doesn’t have to be black anymore lol they have them in all colors abd different designs if ur planing to live in a residence or compound then she won’t have to wear it when inside

Assalamu alaikum Tom

I am an EFL teacher and have taught in Madinah.  From the airport a female has to wear the black abaya and black hijab dress and headwear)  Females need to wear these clothes whenever they leave the apartment.  The only time they can be removed is when teaching in an all female school or college.  I don't understand why you were told otherwise.


Not sure when was that but I believe it’s not now here in Riyadh things have changed I believe other can confirm that especially for the scarf and the abaya that does not have to be black  i have a blue one and a beige that I wear all the time

I think Riyadh is more relaxed than other parts of Saudi.  I wear the black abaya and hijab at home, so it makes no difference to me.

It surprises me that Riyadh would be less strict about things like this but maybe it is because of all the foreigners.  I suppose that there are fewer foreigners in Medina.

I think that is true.

Good evening
she doesn't have to wear  head cover but she have to wear abaya and she  can wear any color she want not only black and Yes she  can go out  alone
but depends on the area where you are
4 example to be in Jeddah different in other place

The holy cities of Madinah and Makkah are more conservative.

hello Tom,
what city are you currently living in?
and it is true makkah and medinah are more conservative but she can wear any color abaya - Robe,
in other cities she does not have to wear a scarf on her head,
it is very safe for a lady to go out in saudi to all public places such as malls restaurants and cafes

I am currently located in the United States, near Boston.  I have been applying for Saudi Arabian jobs like crazy (an a few jobs in Oman)!  I have had a few interviews but nothing has materialized yet.  I am hoping to work in Jeddah but I will work anywhere where there is a school that is organized, professional and pays the teachers on time.

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