Looking for advice on visas to nova Scotia

Hope soneone is abletogive some advice or handy hints. Myself, my wife and son are wanting to emigrate to Nova Scotia. We have family out there so thats where we want to settle. We thought we had it in the bag to get the points required to get visas. As a carpenter we are looking at moving over on a trade visa. But i have git a snag. As the lead party i need to earn the most points. But i am dyslexic and have not managed to get the higher marks in my English exams , esp the reading and writing parts. I am about to get myself tested to certify my dyslexia and then try to retake the English exam to try an up my grades but if this fails we need to look at other options. Maybe a job offer but in the building trade this may not be possible as it requires a permanent job offer for his then to work for a visa which could take upto a year.  I am a red seal qualified carpenter but still dont know if this is enough.
Any ideas or help would be greatfully appreciated. Thank you


Initially you may apply for work permit if you have an employer interested to hire you.


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