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Will be arriving back to the DR in a couple of weeks and was just at my dentist in the US this morning who suggested a dental implant. My question for all of my friends on the forum is would you recommend for me to get this done in the DR or wait until I go back to the states for a visit in about 3 or 4 months?

From what I've read online cost seems to be about 1/3 of the price in the DR. But sometimes what you find on the web may be misleading. Anyone have an implant done in the DR?  Would you be able to recommend a good dentist (open to south coast - we're in Juan Dolio for a month or north coast - we're in Sosua after the Juan Dolio stay).

Any info and referrals are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Another quick question - does any of the dental insurance plans in the DR cover at least part of the cost of implants?

Thanks again,

I asked the same question a month ago & had no replys. Hope you have better luck.

Thanks.  Hope something comes through.

Yes I recommend implants here. I have had one. I will get you the dentist name in the capital if interested.

Yes some insurance plans will cover part of the costs but you need to check with your insurance. Usually it will not be covered for the first 6 months of coverage and you need to have it pre approved.

And yes it is normally significantly less expensive here.

Interested, Pm the info please.

Can you please Provide pm me the information on Dental  Implants as well? Thank you, Moose

Thanks Planner! Maybe the dentist will give us a group discount :)

There is an idea. I will get his info, I literally have to drive past his office as I don't have his card.

Please send me the info also. Thank you

Will do once I have it in hand honey!

One told me 25k pesos for an implant.

Has anyone had less then a good experience with dentists in the DR?


500 US is cheaper than the US

Total cost my dentist quoted was $3500.

So if one charges about $500, why would anybody pay $3500?

$3500 is cost in US, since I'm coming back to DR in two weeks I was just checking to see if others on the forum had this type of work done in the DR, cost and satisfaction levels. My plan is to now get the work done in the DR.

There are differences in prices based on many things colonel. Sometimes the cheapest price isn't actually the best price.

I shopped around for my work based on credentials,.experience, etc. I was very very happy with my outcome. I also needed IV sedation so that's was taken into consideration.

For those with insurance you will need to get things pre approved as well.

I  found what we are looking for.  Great dentist in SD that I will recommend -  Dr. Frank Acosta,  Confidental Studio Ontontologico  -  809-475-1475 or from usa 786-427-8566    info[at]

He will not give me cost info to pass along, it just is too dependent on your situation.  But, I highly recommend him and this office!

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