Hello To All
My name is Pat and I just joined the site,I will be in Sosusa for the first couple of months again this winter starting in January.I have been to the DR several times probably 100 different time in the last 20 years.I am blessed my work keeps my winters free.Not sure I will ever be a permeant residence but maybe half the year.

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your winter here!

Thank You planner and I am sure I will.As I said I have been several times but always something new to learn and explore.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.  Certainly beats shoveling that white shit!

Bob K

Thanks for the greeting Bob.3 more days till flip flops and shorts and the only white I will see is the froth on my freshly poured Presidente woohoo

Welcome to the forum!!

You are staying in Sosua? What a great choice!! Definitely a lot of things to enjoy in this wonderful small town;)

Thanks dream and I agree.I have stayed in the town now twice for extended periods and really enjoy it.

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