Work permit for Spouse in Belgium

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Recently I encountered this scenario. One of my friend's wife is getting offer from a company but the company is struggling to get Work Permit (This is normal B type WP). My friend has a 2nd option and he says that the company can issue a different work permit in which they will give WP till the end date of Husband's WP.In this case if husband leaves the Country then wife should also leave along with him. This is altogether different kind of WP. Does this really exist? Because I am searching job for my wife and never knew about this.

May be ask the company which legal permit are they referring to ?

The story I have told above is not told by the company. My friend who is not much aware of WP process heard abou this. So I wamted to ask whether spouse can get anyother WP other than Type B. If husband has not completed 2 years in belgium yet

Hi, yes it exist, 1 type is husband has work permit, wife come as family reunion, so if he leave Belgium, she must leave, because her ID depends on his work permit. Ander type is if she can have a one year work permit at her own name, no need worry about if he leaves Belgium. But she can't quit this job anyhow, if she want to change job need ask new work permit B by the new company, once she get the new permit, she can leave .

Do you mean that company can give WP to wife till husband’s WP end date.?

i think they want  to use family reunion to get wife at belgium first, then ask for a WP which can only works very few h ,and also its precondition is husband WP still valide.

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Currently, for a type B work permit, the wage constraint is >= 41000EUR in gross approx. Is there a similar constraint attached to this special category work permit as well?

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