Going out in Bangalore

Hi there,

Which are your 10 favorite places to go out in Bangalore?

Which places would you recommend to newcomers? (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)


As far as bars and clubs, my favorite places to go out are:
1) F-bar
2) Ice
3) Vaayu
4) Couch
5) Opus
6) Kosmo
7) Fuga
8) Hint
9) Shiro
10) Sutra

There's also a really good movie theatre in the Forum Mall, and the Lido Mall off of Brigade serves some really good Caramel Popcorn :)
For newcomers, you got to try Empire- its cheap Indian food, always packed, and open late. And they do take-away. If you miss steak, there's a GREAT steakhouse on Nandidurga Rd. Called Elements with a great atmosphere. Couch has great food too, as well as ICE, which is connected to the Taj Residency.

Been there for business trip, I have been to Samarkand restaurant (infantry Road)
Great food, good atmosphere in a cave.

MG road shopping

My favourite club is hint...its above central mall on m.g.road...the best nights to go are friday nights and the entry is Rs.1000per couple though girls enter free otherwise as well...after you get in, food and drinks are on the house!
i also like tavern, mojos, cirrus...


Hi there,

Which are your 10 favorite places to go out in Bangalore?

Which places would you recommend to newcomers? (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)


I think these are some goodpalces to hang about

taste of tibet
food junkies- could try vidyarti bhavan(basavangudi) for some dosas

I gotta try Ice and F-Bar.. where is couch? they actually have a website for that...

Hi.. as i have been living in Bangalore since 2007.

i suggest you as clubs: i-bar, ice ( Both in Mg road), Hint is nice. Shiro is in UB City and very classy. Opus is having great Karaoke Nights especially on Sundays.

For food: as i am turkish i like turkish, persian, arabic food where i found it is in MEZZEH, Indiranagar, AYDA Iranian Restaurant in Bridage Road, Empire Koramangala or MG ROAD İ-TALIA in Park Hotel etc Malls are fine like Forum Mall, Garuda, Ub city. Ranga shankara is a nice place to watch plays in Jayanagar. These are the things coming in my mind at first.

Bangalore is a lively city and good for expats.:)


Italia on 100 foot road Indiranagar is good veg. only
Sonnys near UB City is good as well.
Take 5 is good for Jazz on Sundays 100ft and 3rd main (above coffee day)

When I saw your picture I wondered what you were - Indian or European lol, but then you write you are Turkish! That explains it will look natural if you wear Indian or Western clothes lol

Turkish food, Persian, Arabic....good stuff! I am a Vegetarian and I know even though you hardly find any Middleastern vegetarians, then the mezze (starters) are often vegetarian and Indian vegetarians need to try them!

Houmus is great stuff - chick peas paste, the olives and great halloumi grilled cheese and those stuffed Turkish eggplants with rice, Borek !! yummy

Basically all the great Middleastern food comes from the cuisines there ...Turkey, Lebanon , and I am not so familiar with Persian but I do know they eat some of the same dishes too, however Persian is perhaps closely related to North Indian fact the Indian dishes often have the same name as they go by in Iran - Paneer (panir), sabzi etc


Yeah i like Indian style clothes especially when it helps me feeling like a part of them. Once u look like Indian life is easier :)

and i always wish a Turkish restaurant in Bangalore. hopefully some investors thinking about it.:)

There is a nice Lebanese Rest in Indiranagar named as MEZZEH where we feel like we taste our food :) though we dont speak Arabic; we like to listen it..:)

Btw i got new names here to explore..:) great...

I thought nightlife in Bangalore was dead!

Bangin' Out In Bangalore

Halime, I hope you find your Turkish restaurant. It's is one of the world's most under-rated cuisines. Luckily I live in London and have travelled all over Turkey, so have eaten the best Turkey has to offer:)

When you order food in Turkey you start to realise how many Turkish words have penetrated Indian languages - kiyma, peynir, tava

Middle eastern sweets are good, but nothing beats Kunefe!

Hi There,
I like the 'beach', a bar on 100 feet road in Indranagar and 'Sunnys' off vittal mallya road.

I like having a coffee on Sundays at The Oberoi coffee shop and lunch at Little Italy in Indranagar (on 8th Main??). Enjoy!

Hi Halime,

Just to check out with you whether Bangalore has still scope for a good Arabic food resturant.Does the one in Inderanagar attract crowd.I worked in bangalore for arnd 6 yrs,an indian expat now in UAE.
Want to setup some good resturant in bangalore though I am from IT SECTOR

Welcome to, Ilovekody :) what are you doing in Bangalore?

Any suggestions for family oriented places to go or things to do?
Are there any expat clubs other than the two that I found, BEC and Internations. But no weekly socials came up!

My family and I are visiting from Hyderabad this week and we'd like to get a feel for where Expat families (and locals too) meet. We go to the usual places here and I was pleasantly surprised to note familiar names like Little Italy, F-Bar, etc.

But where do people go to just hang and talk?

I haven't spent much time in Bangalore but on one weekend I was there, I went to a club with a few friends. Interesting, and very different, experience. I only went to one club, so I can't speak for the whole of Bangalore, but it was both underwhelming and fascinating at the same time... in response to the previous poster's question, it definitely wasn't a family place, more trendy types with designer jeans, handbags and cigarettes. There are plenty of fun things to do with your family in Bangalore, though.

I wrote about it on The NRI, which I think the editor tried to link to above but the link isn't there - are links not allowed in forum posts? Sorry, I'm new here!

Hey Guys,

Can u suggst a few good bars or clubs to go on weekdays. Don't wan too be the only one inside, if you know what I mean.


Hey Guys,

i am back to Bangalore Happily:) and

started my parties:)))

tomorrow: 6th of october my first party @ I-BAR THE PARK HOTEL MG ROAD.

would love to see you friends.:)

Anybody wants to join; just message me on 0973 906 14 50

forgot to tell you:) it is house- bollywood and belly dance:P

Hi to all vist agra (the city of tajmahal)'
   the rere view my city i'll show you
   come n see

Personally, i think bangalore is full of a lot of really fun, chilled out places where you can get cheap beer and good starters...My favourites are mojos and scottish pub!

Hi guys,
well hope everyone is enjoying.  I am writing here, cause i cant sent any personal messages and before that i have to interact in the forums and so am i here..
chill out and cheers/

Halime I am looking for a company to party when I am in bnglre.I am now in UAE.

Would you be able to help out

If ur luking for middle eastern/Arabian restaurant in Bangalore

Alibaba cafe and restaurant and Zaks in Frazer Town
Ruh in Bellandur, HSR Layout,
Fava in UB city

Hello everybody,

i am new @ expat-blog. I will be in Bangalore at January 2011 and I am really looking forward =)

If you like Chinese, You can try Chung Wah Restaurant, near Utility Buiding, MG Road. It serves one of the delicious Chinese food.

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I've read that clubs and discos close at 11pm. Is it true? Hope not..

it is true it is getting closed at 11:30 max 12:00 but still there are a nice fun.:)

And what am I supposed to do the rest of the night? :D

I'll get used to it. Thanks for the info Halime.

there are after parties happening. u can get in touch with them.

anything i can do let me know. Every friday we are at i-bar Park hotel on MG ROAD.:)

hi everybody, any party for this weekend? thanks

im so bored in Bangalore...The place is fun, just that everything shuts so early

Hi Guys :)

Well, Am a Bangalorean, now an Expat in Mauritius! Just came home for Xmas!!
Our city has always had different places and things to do based on what you like! From small nukkad Ramu's chai @ midnight to the Fbar and Hint!
If you are aorund any of the following Roads/neighborhoods you will find a bunch of excellent places :
Koramangala, Indiranagar 100ft road, & Brigade road-MG Road-Residency road-St.Marks road-Lavelle Road ( all of them encircled in an area of roughly 2 sq kms).

My Fav Places in Bangalore are :

Koshy's on St.mark's road for Breakfast, esp on Sundays!

For authentic South indian snacks ( dosa, idli, vada etc) go to brahmin's cafe (for idlis) and Vidhyarthi bhavan(for dosas) in Basvangudi, MTR, Konark on Residency road.
For South Indian Meals, Bheemas and RR on Church Street have great food and good service, Shanti sagars if you dont want to spend too much.

If you are a book lover, Crossword on Residency road is quiet and has a great collection of books. Blossom's in church street has a great collection too.

Kaya on 100ft road for Dinner-theatre and live performances.
Ofcourse, Rangshankara in JP nagar for Plays and Chowdiah for classical concerts and plays.

Loads of new Cafe's have opened up, ( Cafe coffee day was first started off in Bangalore and has over 50 outlets here, but very crowded most of the time)
My favourite would be Infini-tea on Cunningham Road! Great choice of Teas and quite decent food.

Mocha in Koramangala is good for Hookahs. though the Moka & Java city on Lavelle road are good they r usually very crowded.

Lavelle road for all types of cafes.

Good Italian would be Little Italy in Indiranagar, and also 100ft restaurant. Fiorano in Koramangala is nice too.

TGIF has reopened/likely to be opened on 100ft road. And you have Ruby's Tuesday on Church street.
Legends of Rock in Koramangala is a great place to get a drink and listen to good rock music. Pecos in church street for Beer and great kheema dosas. Purple haze in Krmnla n Residency road have been around for a while.
ANd ofcourse Hard Rock Cafe on St.Mark's.

Samarkhand on infantry road, Sahib Sindh Sultan in Forum, Khansama in UB city offer good Northindian cuisine.

For Steaks and sizzlers you have Elements on nandidurga road, barbeque nation in a few places across the city, millers46 on millers road.

Ebony in Barton centre is an excellent restaurant.
13th floor again in barton centre is a great place to go for a night out(half night as per t law).

For Chinese Mainland China on church street, Nanking in Sigma mall.

For deserts, Cake walk in Indirngr, Sweet Chariot on Residency road, Lakeview ice creams on MG road, Corner house (every where) Richie rich on St.Marks Road.

GuEss I exceeded the list of top 10 by a long way :)

Hope this is of some help!!

Have a great time in Namma Bengalooru.
For me, it will always remain the best place to live in India, by a long shot, with a great mix of people from all of the country and across the globe learning to live the "Solpa Adjust Madi"
(meaning Kindly adjust a lil) way of life :P


Hey guys, I am Moris here, I want to went in Banglore. Its realy Interesting place. I Like it very much. My Favreate places in city (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)

Apart from the pubs and discos, if you want to experience a bit of Indian culture, you could attend some of the Indian classical music and classical dance programs that take place in different parts of the city on most days, in different venues that include concert halls as well as spaces in temples. Some of these programs get announced in newspapers like "the Hindu" and others. Many are free to the public. There are many venues across the city; many of them are concentrated around South Bangalore suburbs like Jayanagar and Basavanagudi, and some venues are also to be found in Malleswaram that is more to the North. Some of the well-known venues are Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Venugopalaswamy temple, Town Hall, Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bangalore Gayana Samaj, and Yavanika.

There is also a "music season" in Bangalore from around mid April to the end of May or so to celebrate "Rama Navami", consisting of classical music concerts every day (mostly in the evening for senior artistes, and morning and mid-day programs for more junior artistes). One of the regular venues is the Fort High School grounds. The programs are usually announced in the newspapers; the full schedules are also available at the venues.

Be aware that the traffic in many parts of Bangalore is VERY heavy, especially during the peak hours, and getting around is not easy.

If you want to go on a cycling holiday around Bangalore then try Art of Bicycle Trips. They organize one day cycling trips exploring the rural and cultural places around Bangalore. - Art of Bicycle Trips | Cycling Holidays

Pankaj, sounds good. I cycle a little around my area of residence; Bangalore roads have too many ups and downs for comfort, and my bike is the old-style Indian "Hercules" bike; it's not a sports bike with gears, though I could have gears fitted to my bike too. What bikes do you guys use?


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