Friends In Toronto

Hi everyone!

I'm moving to Toronto on the 11th of January from Scotland and rather nervous about not knowing anyone over there! I was hoping to maybe get in touch with some friendly people on here who would be happy to meet up or get to know each other.

I'm Katie,  a 21 year old from scotland who is moving over on my own to start a job as a veterinary technician! Im half german half scottish and I'm open to being friends with people from any walks of life so long as you're a friendly easy going good person!
Im rather anxious about not knowing anyone when I move and hoped this would be a good place to start making some Friends!

Thanks Katie

Hey Katie,
Warm welcome to Toronto ( although temperatures is -18 now).  I am also new to Toronto.. I will be waiting to get in touch with you very soon... wishing you a Happy new year and safe trip to Toronto.


Dear Friends,

I want to go to Canada. Can you give me some information about there like part time job, per hour salary and easily available or no

hi Kathie

I know this post is a bit late. I am sorry. Toronto and Ontario  can be a very cold place figuratively and in real life. Send me a message if you wish. Culture shock is real so if people can help the best to you.

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