Starting fund amounts for 1st time Expat?

I am a 1st time Expat, considering making the move to Shaghai. Can anyone give me advice, on how much would be a decent amount of bankroll funding to have to make the move? Any good advice you can share on actually making the move to there? Anything to expect or avoid?

hi Mortisse,

    actually house is a really very inportant issue for life of living in shanghai, rent a apartment with 2 or 3 room at downtown cost over 10k RMB, 8k at area between downtown and suberban area, if you rent this kind of house you need pay rental for at least 3 months.
  for life fee, it cost about 3000~5000 rmb every month.

  so,  for safety, you need prepare fee for have a year, (8k+4k)*6  RMB is a safety amount i think.

  but you can find job through linked in first, you can found the job before you make the transfer, i think it's a better solution,

   wish every thing great!


Wanting to move to China is nice.  Are you rich?  How are you going to fund your stay?

It is against the law for you to work in China unless you are an expert.  Are you?

To be an expert you need to [1] have a 4 year college degree, [2] two years experience n your specialty, and a [3] job offer from a Chinese company that will employ you instead of a Chinese person.

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