moving to Danang and Dalat on 26/1/ 2018 and looking to meet up

our names are John and Lyn,we are a Australian retired couple,looking to find a place to live for 6 month of year or full time to escape high humidity  and excessive heat that we can not take any longer

we just finished a trip to Bali, KL, Penang,Bangkok,Chiang Mai and all of Cambodia

we loved Cambodia ,but to hot and humid

we hope Danang or Dalat may be the place for us

we love eating out and getting to know people

welcome to da nang city
a good choice when you live in there.
friendly people, everything is resonable, clean street, the weather has 2 season: summer and winter and sometime has typhoon, rainny and cold, have a little humidity.
Almost everybody live in da nang find a job such as a english teacher for retire people.
People especially love to learn english, people will admire you when you can communicate with foreigner .
i belive you easily to make friend in there.
i'm in here, represent da nang people, willing help you if you need
i believe you will decide live in there in long time.

Thanks for your reply

we are in Danang on 26th January
are you interested in going out for a few drinks/meal etc

i'm ready

tomorrow, are you in da nang?
we are going out

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