Resident Indian/Pakistanis In Chille

Hi everyone
I am a Pakistani residing in Karachi, i am not satisfied of living here in pakistan due to bad and corrupt society.

I want a peaceful life for my family and myself. due to this reason i want to move abroad.

I am looking for any Pakistanis or Indian brothers/sisters who are residing in Uruguay, who can guide me about getting PR process, other legal requirements, options for doing small scale business, and cost of living.

I would be great full if anyone can help me in find the right information.

warm regards

do you have whatsapp number?

Hi, Ashwani

Thanking you for your time, and I am so sorry for very late reply.

kindly talk to me on my whatsapp ***

requesting you to please send me a text on whatsapp stating your convenient time to talk to you, so I can be there positively.

Thank you very much again.

Warm Regards

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Hi Ashwini,

would like to get info about moving to uruguay from pakistan , do u have any wats app or contact details to talk to you about moving to uruguay from pakistan permamnently .

Any help will be really appreciated ,


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