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I am Nitu Rawat from India. Here, in Shenzhen I am studying Chinese language from Shenzhen university. I have done Secretarial Practice course, Post Graduation Diploma in office management and Bachelors in Arts.

I have 4 years of working experience in trading company. I was working in that company as an office assistant in 2017 I promoted as an office manager in Shenzhen company. My job responsibilities was to handle the clients and their queries, to maintaining the office efficiency by planning and implementing an office system, to prepare the bidding documents, HR responsibilities etc.  And I have 6 months of working experience in teaching field. I was teaching English to the kindergarten student.

for more information you can reply or can email at ***

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Nitu Rawat


I do employ people with your background.  However, I have nothing at the moment. How long have you been in China?  When will your Z-visa expire?

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@Nitu, welcome to Expat.com

I suggest you to create your cv in the Jobs in Shenzen section of the website. Make sure to provide as much details as possible.

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Dear Nitu Rawat:

I am Eric from the creative kingdom, we need foreigners to do a 2 days job. the job starts from 10 am to 5 pm, you will be paid with 300 RMB and the Lunch is provided. The job only require you to sit in the office, only little effort is needed. Would you please add me on WeChat, my account is simplicity_94. You can also bring you CV, because personally i think this will also be a opportunities for you to find a job in our company. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regard

Hello Eric,

I came there for an interview and in the presentation which they shown us on the slides about the job description and all i know that things (like ppt, excel, word etc) there were chinese is must it was not mentioned but i dont know why interviewer asked me about chinese language..... but its fine you can tell me the date and tim. i have one more friend if you want then i can take him with me.

Thanks i will create there..

I came here on august 2017 and my visa is going to be expire on august.

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