Childcare options for children and employment opportunities

Hi everyone,

My family (me with my wife and kids 5 and 2 years old) are currently investigating opportunities of moving to Copenhagen and as usually there are lots of questions to be answered.

To begin with we would consider moving to Copenhagen if I would get a salary around 50 kDKK per month. Would it be enough for a decent life taking into account that my wife will not find job on first day after relocation and kids will have to go to some childcare option?

How hard for non Dane to get white collar a job in Copenhagen? My wife has lot of experience in insurance business?

And most important question about childcare. What would be best option for a 2 year old daughter? Is it public, private or international kindergarten? She does not speak yet so I was thinking that it would be good opportunity for her to learn Danish while being in public kindergarten? Is it common for expats to go to Danish kindergartens?

What would be best option for my 5 year old daughter? I'm afraid that in public kindergarten she would be outsider as everyone speaks danish there. Thus i was considering some international kindergarten and school afterwards? What are prices of it? Or do you let your expat kid for public schools maybe?

A lot of questions but maybe you have some answers

A rough estimate:
If you earn 600,000 kroner yearly, you and your family settle in Gladsaxe municipality (Greater Copenhagen), your wife doesn't have a job, the tax 2018 will amount to about 210,000 kroner.

Childcare fees: … onstakster
There are only a few international kindergartens. Private kindergartens normally have an agreement with the municipality why it's also there you shall sign up for the waiting list.

Children begin at school (0. class) in the year when they turn 6.
International schools are few.

The payment for school and kindergarten depends on the age of the child. Meals are often included. Many places, it's not possible to get a part time childcare.

Don't forget child allowance … er-eu-eoes

Housing is difficult to find and also expensive. Don't count on finding a place under 10,000 kroner, 12,000 kroner will be more likely. Heating, utilities shall be added.

If you don't master Danish, it's not easy to find a job unless you belong to the group of sought after people. You can get an idea of which people we talk about on this site:

If a company is interested in hiring an expat, the job ads will always be written in English.   Therefore a search for example on jobs insurance English Copenhagen should provide the relevant hits.

You will be entitled to free language courses.


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