Marriage Visa Consultant (Couple Married Outside of Mauritius)

Hi All,

I'm looking for a contact for a Marriage Visa Consultant for two friends of mine. She is a Mauritian Citizen and He is a UK Citizen.
He had been resident here for almost 10 years and they had been living together here in Mauritius for several years, however he encountered difficulties with his business almost 2 years ago and it ceased trading due to some major complications with the equipment necessary in his work. Eventually his visa expired and he was due to return to the UK however he considered Mauritius his home and his long term partner and his friends were all here, so unfortunately he overstayed his visa by approximately 6 months.
Anyway, she has been returning back and forth to the UK and they were married there a few months back and from liaising with the necessary parties here they were told he will be able to return on provision of the right documentation etc; however she is coming across all manner of complications and finding it extremely difficult now to manage the new visa application for him to return to Mauritius.

So to cut to the point, we're hoping that someone can provide contact details for a consultant or immigration/visa support company here in Mauritius in order to assist her to get the application processed as soon as is possible.



Unfortunately considering your case I would recommend getting an immigration lawyer because it will be quite complicated for the guy to return to Mauritius.

The fact that he overstayed his visa will not make things any easier.

Moreover, the passport and immigration authorities might consider his marriage to a Mauritian citizen a subterfuge to fast track his application to live in Mauritius again.

Thanks for your reply Winston... Yeah they're aware that overstaying the visa will make things more complicated but they have been liaising with a contact in immigration since before he actually left, as he was working on having his visa extended but the process was taking so long he eventually needed to leave to take employment in the UK before it was sorted.
A lot of documentation was supplied before leaving and their point of contact at the immigration authorities is aware they were in a long term relationship and evidence of this has been provided. From what they have said he did say it can processed eventually but yes, as you say, there will be complications.

Anyway, really what I'm looking for is a point of contact to assist with his/their application as she is finding it very difficult at the moment. So whether it be a consultant or a legal professional who can provide such a service, any contacts in this area would be appreciated as they are both close friends of mine so I would like to help them get this sorted sooner rather than later.


The thing is that an immigration lawyer or consultant usually help with paperwork and formalities but cannot alter the status of a foreigner as registered in a travel database.

The Passport and Immigration Office is under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office and if the latter deny permission to your friend to enter Mauritius again due to his visa violation, there's nothing a lawyer or a consultant can do.
Visitors have been denied re-entry to Mauritius for overstaying their visa for two weeks and we are talking about 6 months here.

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