Canadian wanting to relocate, beginning to plan ahead

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

My name is Aimee, I live in northern ontario. I'm 31, have a 6 month old son, and a fiance. I have been wanting to move to the DR since 2008. I fell in love with the country on a trip to La Romana, and haven't stopped dreaming of a life there since.

- My first question, what types of jobs are available for Canadians in the DR? -
I'm planning to go back to university, what degree or diploma courses would be my best option as far as obtaining a job there I could support my family with and sustain a healthy lifestyle? We are frugal Canadians, I'm an ex oil rig hand and my spouse is a gas fitter, we aren't looking to live in luxury, just a bit of land we can relax on and garden. I plan to learn Spanish, I know conversational French but plan to learn that as well.

Had anyone else taken this approach? All advice, info, and experiences welcome. I'll continue to ask questions on this thread.

Welcome To tHe forums. First you will need residencia to work here, both of you. While you can live reasonably low cost here's the pay is very low. Without fluent Spanish and specific skills it's a tough go.

And educating children with anything reasonable by international standards is expensive.

Good job here are tough to find. You must be connected to get them.

Hi there,

I understand all of that, I've done a lot if research over the last decade. I was asking, what if any jobs are in demand, as I'm going back to university next year, was planning to get my BD in psychology,  it if there are any in demand positions there I would gladly reconsider the courses I am taking.

I wouldn't look to move until my education is complete, I've learned Spanish, and have a job for myself. Any other route would be irresponsible.

Like I said its all about who you know.  There are no "jobs" in demand here. Unemployment is high. Many many experienced expats want to move here. 

I do not mean to rain on your parade but it will be tough honey.

Psychology  will be pretty much useless. Those who have a degree in psychology go into Human Resources and dont make much money.

I know unemployment rate is high, lol. So, zero jobs available and no skilled workers needed? You aren't raining on my parade, I'm looking for useful information not for information that is available from the government websites. I'm looking for information on what options ARE AVAILABLE, not every option that IS NOT.

Right okay.  I am  trying to help. I actually work in recruiting as part of everything I do.  Trying to be honest and straight forward. BUt now will leave that to others.  Good luck

Welcome Back Planner good to hear from you on the blog again. Hope everyone on the Blog had a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all.

If your heart is set on living here and you plan to take some more courses in Canada before you come, concentrate on Spanish.  It's the most important education you could have coming here.  Despite what others might say, there is plenty of opportunity here and lots to do.  It will depend upon you and what you have to offer.  I live in the Punta Cana area and if you want to make real money here you need to be involved with the tourist industry.  Even then, whatever you decide as a profession or business may only be temporary as things change here very quickly and tourism is only high for about 4 months of the year.  International school will cost you 7-10K US per child.  This will be your most expensive consideration and the biggest reason to make real money.  I would suggest to not buy property here for at least 1 year or more until you are satisfied that you want to stay, have established some roots and know where you want to be.  1 year rentals can be fairly cheap and a whole lot less risky.  One of the best businesses you can have as a Canadian in the DR, is one you can do working on a computer using the internet.  Then location is not a big issue.

All good advice given here.  Jobs are hard to get and pay is usually very low. DominicanadaMike makes a good point that you may look at working on line for a Canadian or US company with much better pay and maybe something that fits more to your education.  Many here who have to "work" to support themselves or family  work on line remotely.

Bob K

You guys are talking about 3 different things, getting a job in the dr, doing business, and being a 'digital nomad'.   Of course it's mostly irrelevant for the last one, so no need to even mention that one.  James Patterson could just as well write a book here, as anywhere else.....etc.

You hit it right on the head Colonel,   3 very very different things!   

1. Getting a job here  requires residency. Its harder and harder to find an under the table job. Almost no one hires illegals anymore.

2. Opening a business and creating a "job" for yourself is tough.  Doing it legally is time consuming and costs money.  Legally if you "work" in your own business and pay yourself you also need residency.  It can be done though. For many  its a good option. IF you have experience in running a business,  know the culture,  know spanish (especially if you will have employees) and know the industry you are entering  it can be done.  SO many come here with a dream and have almost no experience running a business.

3. Working  digitally here is literally the easiest of the 3, IF you can find a position online. Some are scams so be careful.  Some are good jobs that pay well IF you have the skills.  And some are a tough slog for which you will not be well paid but it is often enough to live on here.

Awesome, I appreciate the variety of response I'm getting.

There are a lot of different options it seems, few worth exploring. If I can ask, what do you all do for work, or were you wealthy enough when you left north America to live on in the DR unemployed? What about the other north Americans you know out there?

I've done some research on online career opportunities, as planner said many appear to be scams.. It's not hard to see through that veil. I'm going to speak with a recruiter from a university this week and ask what they offer for training and courses to obtain a remote career.

I know a couple people who have degrees in business and hotel management. Perhaps that is a route to consider.

There are options. PM me

The online work depends upon your background.  I believe the question was how can you live here and make enough money to survive?  Firstly, I am retired with a pension, that's how I survive.  I have a very diversified and complex background.  This helps me with everything else I need to survive here.  I do a lot of volunteer work and work with a variety of people from out of the country.  Writers, computer programmers, graphic artists, trainers and many other high level areas of expertise can work remotely.  You can configure and setup computer and network systems from anywhere in the world.  Naturally you will need a background and experience in one of these areas in order to come to the DR and use them.  Non-technical people are not aware of the online opportunities that are available and I am not talking about on-line career opportunities suggested by others.  Although those are very good and accurate points.  I have seen many people make it here in the DR and I have  seen many people fail.  It's the wild wild west and it's not for everyone.  All I can say is follow your dream because if you don't you will surely regret it.  If you are young and you fail here, go back to your country and try again.  You will still have time.

Here is a good suggestion to test whether you could make enough online to live well in the dr.  First try an experiment to determine how much you can make online.....WHERE YOU LIVE NOW.   If you have the rude shock that you're not making much there, it means you won't make much in the dr either.  IFF, you are making at least say,$2000 a month, it means you will be able to live a basic lifestyle in the dr.   IF though, you couldn't even think of this experiment on your own, THEN, you'll never make it in the dr.

Thank you for your post. Could you expand on your sentence that begins with “Non-technical people are not...”

Maybe send that guy a msg, wasn't my comment I can't elaborate.

I know what he means. Non technical jobs are those like: ESL teaching, waitressing, call centers, babysitting, massaging and real estate people trying to sell overpriced houses to rich gringos.   Technical ones are like the mining engineers for those Canadian Ming companies, the computer nerds at the US embassy, the experts they have to get to fix jet engines at the airports, etc.

Thanks for the clarification.
On another note, how do you PM someone on this site?
Thanks in advance for providing directions :)

And a note to the colonel, reading your last response to me, lol, what's up with the crap attitude? I mentioned going to university to get some training for a remote career, and you write "if you couldn't think of that on your own you'll never make it in the DR" lmao. I'm going a bit further in my planning than that if you have the ability to interpret what you read. Spoiled rich white fella, I'd bet on that. Take care now.

Take it with a grain of salt.
Bob K

Health2018 I guess you figured it out.  Got your PM.  Being an old man it is getting late for me and heading off to sleepy land. I will respond in the morning.

Bob K

Non-technical people are not aware of the online opportunities that are available and I am not talking about on-line career opportunities suggested by others. 

Hi I just read your question.

Simply put, if you have to ask the question, you are a non-technical person.  People with in-depth backgrounds using computers on a full time basis, considered experts in their field and know all the ins and outs of their computer from a hardware and software perspective.  Have programming skills and exploit the real power of a computer.  You seldom have to ask anyone for assistance about any issue you are having with your computer or software.  These people know all of the real job banks and how to get contract work that pays well.  They are the specialists of the computer technology field.

I was referring specifically to computer savvy and not all the other technical skills in the world such as repairing jet

If you are using the computer to do searching, social media, gaming, emailing, writing, then you are more likely to be a regular user.

Only my opinion and observation.

Spot on mike

Are we going to assist this young woman to attain her goals or are we going to continue to disparage her dreams? If so, you are a deficit to Dominican life. She is going about it correctly with research, questions & obvious intelligence. Denigration does not suit you.   Our seconds shall meet at dawn.

Does that mean you DID try the experiment?   It is an excellent one for those considering making money in the dr online.

To whom Colonel, are you addressing?

FElue, thought it went just to her.

Tinker you are out of line again. No one is disparaging we are talking the reality of trying to work here and earn enough to support a family.

An apology, my second will be withdrawn.  I do believe that along with the blunt truth. words of encouragement should be offered'  She obviously has the desire & determination to achieve her goals.  Explaining the obstacles & necessary hoops to be jumped through should not be given in a  manner is demeaning.   Perhaps I'm overly sensitive to perceived slights as I've overcome much to arrive where I am now.  What the hell does Politically Correct mean anyway?  Enjoy the New Year.

Yes tinker, you're probably too PC oversensitive: maybe there's a lot of SJWs in your area.  Anyway I stand by my experiment suggestion.

Your experiment was fine.It is the presentation that i felt was demeaning.  Because of my ignorance in modern day parlance, I must ask for the meaning of SJWS. I know the meaning of the word GOLF, but not this acronym. Thank you for a clarafiction, if any is forthcoming.

colonel, please refrain from communicating with me on any posts including this one. You're rude, I honestly can't stand people like you, lol. I envision you in a confederate hat drinking cheap beer whining about social minorities. PEACE OUT lol.

Thank you for the kind words tinker, I see everyone's moral compass is set at different degrees.

I asked for facts, helpful suggestions. A couple of you are nothing but disparaging lol

And that's enough of this thread.

No need to announce your departure, you can be condescending and rude elsewhere. Hopefully someone is paying you for the amount of posting you do on this site, take care!

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