MM2H-assets in lieu of income?

We are not yet eligible for a pension, but we also do not have income or MR10,000/mo. Is there a way to show more assets, have a higher fixed deposit to get around this requirement, or have 12 CD's of MR10,000/each with one maturing every month?

My MM2H was done about 9 or 10 years ago. I also didn't have a pension but I did prove an investment of more than MYR1,000,000 in Malaysian property which not only reduced my Fixed Deposit down to MYR60,000 but also meant I didn't need to prove an income of MYR10,000 per month.

It might be worth discussing this matter with either an agent or MM2H directly to get clarification.

I also think buying property in Malaysia is a reasonable thing to do if you plan to retire here.

If you are over 50 the income can come from either a Pension or from another regular source. Lots of people are still working as well and that is fine. MM2H is not a "retirement" visa. So a combination of "income" is OK.

Showing this over the course of 3 months is the documentation required. But the word "minimum" has now been inserted in front of the RM10k per month.

There are no variations possible, except as Abdulkhalil mentioned the FD is lower if owning property valued at RM1m or above.

The income (and liquid assets) have to be outside Malaysia to qualify.

The RM150,000 FD (over 50's) is now mandatory alongside the income - not "either / or" as it was before.

You may want to look at this ( retirement visa or Thailand instead

Take a look at the Sarawak MM2h Visa - you can live on mainland Malaysia with it - … w/221/279/

Thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding my question. I also got a reply from MM2H.
Feedback: Proof of monthly income MUST be shown from salary, pension, rental OR interest. Applicant MUST be able to show proof of income earned to support application..

For Sarawak it says either income OR Fixed Deposit - did you contact Sarawak? … w/221/279/

To live in Penang you will need Rm4-5k per month

No, not yet, I only saw your tip after I had contacted peninsular. Thank you so much for that lead! I see that unlike peninsular, they do not allow part-time employment. Do you, or anyone else, have any idea of how hard it is to get permission in Sarawak to  to do something where there may be some demand, such as TESL, for a bit of income?

That is a very important option for those unable to meet the monthly income of Rm10k. Gravitas, that is probably going to help a lot of people considering moving to Malaysia. I especially like the rule about being able to buy property as cheap as Rm300k. We should all be thanking you for this.

You will find it almost impossible to find work in Malaysia.  TESL will require CELTA and a degree.

Well it's still work in progress Abdulkhalil as I see the minimum purchase price is listed now at RM500,000 … ign-buyers

MM2H used to be either/or until about 12 months ago.

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