South-Lisbon / Setubal region advice please :)

Hi all,

We're a small family of 3 from Belgium looking to move to Portugal spring 2019. Next summer (2018) we want to explore the South Lisbon (Setubal) area for 5-6 weeks to find the perfect place to live. Hopefully there are people here on this forum who know this area well and can give us advice regarding city/regions they can recommend ?

Schools should be nearby (our daughter will be 14 years old in 2019), we don't want to stay in a very small village as we like to have people around us, and near beaches is an advantage (but not a must).

We have been to Setubal (could be an option but we're not fully convinced, we've only seen a small part of it this summer near Casa da Baia), but there might be better places to live?

Sesimbra is on our list (is it a good place to stay permanently?), and we are wondering how places are like Palmela, Azeitão, Seixal and  Amora or any other place you can suggest? The more places you can recommend the better of course  :top:

You're opinion is VERY welcome, thanks *a lot* in advance for all your recommendations, and a happy & healthy 2018 for all of you!

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