Advice needed

Does British school take interview of their candidates at 7 pm or 6pm?
I was called at 7 pm .I wasn't sure whether an interview can be held at this time.
Kindly share your views.

Don't know about British school but interviews can take place at any time.  However, 7 does seem a bit late.  If you are not comfortable, you can ask them to reschedule.

Thanks for the advice but when I told them about rescheduling they said at 6 pm on Sunday and when asked about the location they simply said they will send it later.
Not sure if they handle business this way.

Well 6 pm better than 7. Just use common sense when you go to the interview. It should be on business premises and even if in hotels, then in lobby or meeting rooms.

One my interviews was also at such an hour! And I did get that job :)

Perhaps that's the time their decision makers can make it to their meetings.
Just make sure it is in the school premises or at a proper venue. Use common sense as advised by XTang above.

Best wishes.

Sure..Thanks all for the advices.this is such a great way to meet good people

you should not accept late timing it seems not correct normal interviews happen in morning or within working time,it maybe not safe to go late time

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