Moving to Mauritius from India

Hi.....I am planning to move to Mauritius from India based on the job offered with salary around USD8K per month. I will move with my spouse and 2 kids (11 & 8). Office of my prospective employer is in Ebenee area. I have gone thru various topics on the site but still have few questions...Request if someone can help with the answers for the same

1) Is USD8K good enough for a family of 4 in Mauritius considering fly back every 6 months and potential saving opportunities

2) Which is the best place to reside. Near office or school. What will be the rental cost for 2 BHK apartment

3) Which are good school for expat kids. I have gone thru couple of sites of schools (Le Borge, Northfileds, etc). However, seems they have waiting list so not sure how to approach the same and what is the cost of education

4) Are Indian groceries easily available there (lentils, flour, etc.)

Hi Mohany,

With regards to your post,

Depending on your lifestyle USD 8K is about MRU 270,000 which represent about 13 times more of what an average Mauritian makes and in most cases, they are married with kids too. so yes i would say that USD 8k should be amply enough to live and make some savings.
As for the best place to reside, wold depend on what you are looking for and for convenience sake I would suggest that you live close to you working place as traffic is a killer here during peak hours. As for school, most of the international school provides transportation to and from your residing place
And welcome to the 2nd country in the world where Indian are majority, so when it comes to Indian  groceries, you gonna love it, from the vegetables, the flour, lentils are things that every town or village have.


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1. Your salary (around 250,000 MUR) should be sufficient for your family. You'll live at ease with this amount of money.

2. If you will be working in Ebène, I suggest you the following areas:

(a) Ebène
(b) Moka (5 to 10 minute drive to Ebène)
(c) Quatre-Bornes (Many Indian expats live there - around 5 to 10-minute drive to Ebène)
(d) Flic en Flac (Near the beach on the west coast, around 30-minute drive to your workplace
(e) If you don't mind to drive more (around 1 and a half hour per day), then you should also consider the north. There, Trou aux Biches/ Mon Choisy/ Pointe aux Canonniers/ Grand Bay/ Pereybère or even Bain Boeuf can be good options

The above regions are all posh areas. About a 2-bedroom apartment, the pricing depends on the region. It varies between Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 per month if it's in the reputed complexes. It can be less expensive too if it's in the less modern ones.

3. The school which you'll be looking for will obviously be close to your residence. So, it will depend on your location. If you'll stay in the center of Mauritius (Moka, Ebène), the "Clavis International Primary School" can be considered as it's situated in Moka.

4. Yes, they are easily available in Mauritius. Many Indian go to a Supermarket in Quatre Bornes which is reputed to sell Indian spices. It's called "Super Unic".


$8K a month is a huge salary in Mauritius even for expats in some regards. Such be enough for a family of 4 provided you are not a compulsive spender.

If you will be working in Ebene, the best places to live would be Ebene itself, Quatres Bornes which is just next door or Moka which is 10 mins drive from Ebene.

A modern well situated fully equipped apartment will cost you anything from MUR 25,000 to 45,000 in rent per month.

Clavis and Le Bocage are two very good English private schools located up in the mountains of Moka. They follow the International Baccalaureate system and much emphasis is also put on extra curricular activities.
That said, it depends on your choice...there are also French private schools and other English schools but quite far from Ebene.

Most Indian food and groceries have Mauritian influence and have been somewhat adapted to local taste and customs. They are widely available and you will find them in most towns and villages if you are moving around.

Hi Bro,
I suggest you recheck your contract. To my knowledge no company offers that kind of salary to an Indian expat . If they have , then you are surely one lucky Indian expat.
You will love living in Mauritius. Enjoy your self. Trying staying in Ebane or Quatre Bornes . You will meet many other Indian expats

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