Employer unpaid Wages

My employer is cutting me from the company 8 months into my two year contract. He said the company is restructuring.

I have 3 months of unpaid wages and 2 months incomplete wage, i have no more money to buy plane ticket to go back home.
I am paying the rent and other expenses but my salary is either super delayed or non at all.

What should i do? Should i report or sue him?

Did you question why you had not been paid for those 3 months and the 2 incomplete wages?

If you did what was their response?

Yes, they are giving me reasons from all corners they can give.
My employer had a great vacation with his family at one country in Europe. :)

They cut me from the company and 15.000 ron (net) of unpaid wages is not really Merry Christmas at all.


ExpatPH :


I can't give any precise advice for your situation. But as its Christmas, the site is less active because members are on vacation and they don't log onto the site. I am sure someone will respond to you soon.

You should adress to ITM(territorial work bureau) in order to help you getting your wages.


Do yo have an official contract with residence permit and work permit? If so you can report your employer to the ITM, the authority that checks if employers follow the rules and pay their employee obligations.

In what city did you work and is the company registered?

Sue him. I did the same. Successful. Employer did not pay my salary when I was in medical holiday.

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