Life in Punta Cana

Hello all.  My husband and I will be moving to Punta Cana next summer.  Specifically the Bavaro area.   I was wondering, for those of you who have already made the move there, what are some things that you miss from back home that you didn't think about before the move?   Are there things that are unavailable there that just didn't cross your mind during the transition?

Pretty much everything is available here now. Some specialty products maybe are tough to find or expensive but available.

Hi Kimberlie,

Here are a few things I miss:

- Closeness to family
- Fresh milk (only small boxes on shelves are available)
- the groceries (even the larger ones) have only limited selections
- Electronics are not as easy to get (and more expensive)
- Uber
- Reasonably priced cars
- Reasonably priced electricity

There are other things as well but keep in mind your moving to another country to experience the different way of life. For most of the things I listed there are "work arounds" during your initial time there. Try the local foods, get fresh fish directly on the beach, take more walks instead on relying on driving every where - in Bavaro there are many small stores, restaurants and shops within an easy walk, conserve resources. Once you've been in the DR for a while a lot of the "missing stuff" goes away. The hardest part for us is still distance from family n- can't change that but we are more active on planning trips to see the family or have them come visit.

Good luck let us know how you like everything!


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