Multi entry for visit pass?

Hi everybody,

My friend will have a travel planning is:

From Vietnam => Malaysia (live 2 weeks) => Singapore (3 days) => Malaysia (1 week) => Vietnam

My question is when she back to Malaysia at second time, Can she will be entry?  :(


Only if she has a multiple entry visa or from a country that does not require a visa.

If your gf isi from a country that does not require a visa, then can enter twice OK.

@Gravitas: Thanks a lot. She from Vietnam also and Vietnam have 30 days free visa when entry to Malaysia. Sorry but I just want to confirm because I don't want happen any troubles, Can Vietnam passport entry twice?


Being out of Malaysia 3 days is good idea because immigration don't respond well to people who try and do same day or 24 hour turnarounds. As long as the traveller has a ticket out of Malaysia there shouldn't be any problem. However, suggest you ask the same question on this forum in Vietnam to gain other opinions.

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