How are fellow expats celebrating Christmas?

I know it is nearly impossible to get a turkey. Mashed potatoes are easy, you just go to KFC.  But what about cranberries, pumpkin pie, and fresh rolls? What about the Christmas tree? Over the years, I have kind of given up and made our won spread of mixed cold cuts, veggies, and imported snacks.  Red wine is mandatory.  What about everyone else?

My wife bought the 6kg turkey, Brussel sprouts, baby carrot's, new potatoes from an online store.
I cooked, together with roast spuds (local market spuds), stuffing of sausage meat, sage & onion and gravy (from turkey juices).
And even the sun stayed with us in Shanghai today.
The Christmas pudding and mince pies came from UK on last home visit.
Aussie rose wine & Chianti to wash diner down.

But I've been in China since 2013 so have had time to get organized well in advance.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and hope you made out okay.
Best wishes

Thanks David. Getting turkey on the Internet is something that never occurred to me. (Slaps myself on the head!) After all we get most of everything from the Internet these days...

Christmas eve we made Lamb kabobs and watched Christmas movies. We watched "Jingle all the way", "It's a Wonderful life", and "A Christmas story".

Today is Christmas, and we will have a spread of cold cuts, cut up veggies, and Western style bread with CHEESE!!!!! Australian red wine to wash it all down. My WeChat is filled with Christmas wishes from everyone. Tomorrow, in the morning I will Skype my family in the States and wish them a merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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