looking for decent thai style room in bangkok

my girlfriend wants me to stay with her in aom noi but i dont like the area, not much to do there.
i like central bkk , maybe on nut or bang na lower suk area for me is better , actually i can live most places in bkk but not aom noi as it is too industial and busy.

can anyone recommend a nice decent room with shower & balcony,  i plan on biying my own nice new furniture and paint the place to my style and liking.

advice needed , many thanks in advance


Hi there

My name is Dominic and I have been here for 11 years

I might be able to offer you some assistance

My number is *** and you can find me on WhatsApp on this number as well


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Chatuchak area is good for you. Nice place and pleasure

If you want a cheap room in Bangkok you can look this link


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