German cars maintenance cost

Hi Friends ,

Can someone help me in knowing the maintenance cost for a Mecedes salon car. I’m planning to buy a 2015 C 180 mercedes which has run 50k KM. Just wanna make sure if there will be a major maintenance issues i will have to face and what will be the expense compared to other Japanese cars.

if u have it under warrnty, no wories,
only service will cost u,
and its advised to extend your warnty with AAA

you have to consider something when u compare prices,
mercedes may cost 1500 - 2500 service in agency (out of agency much cheaper)
compared to japanses cars its expensive , but the fact its not, cause mercedis service is every 15000 KM, japanese every 5000,

Thanx for ur quick reply. Do u have any idea how much does it cost to purchase extend warranty frm AAA or any ! Please let me know dear

i just got offer 2400 for one year and 6500 for three years, mine is Cadillac 2014

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