Professional Card For Belgium Walloon Region

Dear Expat Member,

Recently I applied for one of the job in Belgium company and they are ready to contract me with minimum 1 year of contract. This contract can be extended at later stage to 2 or maximum 3 years as well. They want to hire me as Individual/Freelance Contractor. I have checked many sites/blog/official sites. I am not getting a clear picture on what Visa i have to apply and how. After some help from consultancy i came to know that i need to apply professional card from India. Could you please help me to understand this process more.  As per my understanding I need to fill professional card application and need to attach following documents and submit the application to Belgium embassy :-

1.  2 application forms for professional card
2.  Police clearance certificate
3. Euro 140 fees to be paid( where and how ?)
4.  Contract Letter from company mentioning per day rate
5. my  resume( I have 9+ experience in Coding/Designing/Support of software systems)
6. my Graduation and Diploma certificate which are in computer science with full mark sheets.

Based on this Consulate general will issue a professional card if all goes well. Will this be sufficient to travel or i need to get visa as well based on this card.  How much time it will take to get all these things done.

Please guide me for this process.  I am sorry if this is repeatable question i could not find a concrete process on the same.


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