Vegan Food, Community, and Lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Hello everyone! I am a student studying abroad in the UAE next semester. Our itinerary is pretty full, but we have some free time to explore the city on our own with other students. My goal is to find vegan communities, restaurants, or health-conscious centers. For quite some time, I have been considering the idea of moving to Dubai after graduate school, however, this is partly contingent on there being an adequate amount of vegan options. Taken from my own experience as a vegan traveler within the United States, I have been to several cities (e.g., Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, New York City) known for being at the top of the list of vegan-friendly cities. My utmost hope is to also find this in Dubai however small it may be. I've done my fair work of research on restaurants, but most of them cater to vegetarians or are mostly Indian restaurants. I am open to any suggestions, but prefer strictly vegan restaurants. If there are any recommendations, please leave the name, address, website of the restaurant, community, or center below as that would be most helpful. Thank you :)

I can't help with the details but I am very certain such a thing exists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Vegan and health-oriented restaurants have popped up to cater to the upper class residents and their services are quite good, but expect to pay a hefty price.

The restaurant application Zomato provides help in getting to these places and English-language magazines like Abu Dhabi Weekly provide some insight into good vegan places.


I would suggest you to try in any Indian Restaurant to get a healthy and nutritious Vegetarian food..!
As I stay in Abu Dhabi, I can tell you of many restaurants here, but in Dubai I heard that there are many Indian restaurants in Bur Dubai area.


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