Vacancy for tourist that want to stay in Kuala Lumpur

Hi there, my girlfriend from indonesia that currently with tourist pass in kuala lumpur wosh to work amd stay here with me. Is there anyone that know or willing to hire her. The permit we will pay and do our self but just need the company to help abit regarding the permit. I wish that she can stay here with me. I wish and hope that have people that can help me out. Thank you😁😁😁

What are her qualifications and work experience? Have you checked the "Jobs" section above.

Her qualification is just till highschool only but she is talketive amd hardworking person she dont care the job,any job also ok. She just wish to stay here and stay with me.

She maybe should check out restaurants and bars for a job.

Straight ask the restaurants?

Sometimes there are signs outside bars, restaurants also shops looking for staff. Shopping malls can be good places to look around. Also search on Jobstreet for waitress vacancies.

She should just go in and ask about jobs. She will need to prepare a CV so that her contacts are written down. Some places ask people to fill in their own forms.

BUT IMPORTANTLY - they should be able to provide an employment pass. She will have to leave the country while it is processed however.

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