how did you find your good landlord?

This topic has come up during other renting threads on this board,
but, due to its importance, I`d like to isolate it.

If you have/have had a good landlord, how did you find this landlord?

If the answer is personal recommendation, which avenue:
social groups, Facebook,  quality estate agency / agent, your neighbours etc.

If you found the landlord by LUCK, there`s no need to respond to this question.

Thank you all very much in advance.

My landlord is really good, in my opinion it depends on the person itself, not where you find them,  but if it helps, I rented my flat initially through Frank Salt Estate Agents. I wanted to make sure everything was above board, so this is why I chose this route.

Thanks for the reply, Ruby.

Why did you choose Frank Salt? Was this agency recommended to you
for being more honest than other agencies?

there is absolutely NO guarantee that an agency is any better or worse than going the private route - i would ask around the shops bars cafes taxi drivers local tradesmen you will be surprised how many people have found good accom and landlords via this route... talk to the locals as much as you can and make friends with as many as you can its how we found three of our four properties when we lived there for 6 years  = the first property was via FS and although a decent property and a good landlord FS really didnt adhere to the requirements we gave them in advance....

Your dont really get any safeguards from an agent  - they will not protect you and most will not intervene, if and when problems occur, once theyve been paid. Remember many salesmen are commission only and only have one aim in mind.. if and when you find a good one try using him all the time.... build the rapport and trust

Good luck

We found our first and second property through Frank Salt who were very good, we spoke with both landlords at the property and both were professional, their business was renovating and renting properties so they were very sensible and accommodating.
Our third property was found through a Facebook group but we met and discussed everything and agreed a contract between us. Again the landlords actually built/developed their properties and were not just in it by chance.

I think the majority of problems occur with landlords who are not in the business but have a spare property within the family and think they will let it out. They neither know the regulations or care about them.

You need to keep in mind that agents are not the same as they are in the UK, they are not 'Managing agents' they are 'Letting agents' and when they find a tenant their job is finished.


Toon, and Ray;
Thank you, gentlemen, for the clear advice.

Toon, Ray, anyone else able to answer:

Ray wrote about landlords who actually built / developed
the properties.

Has anyone tried to contact directly the property builder / developer?
Or can anyone recommend the names of any honest and reliable
property development companies?

I don`t want to risk simply searching for these companies on Malta Yellow Pages, for example, without a recommendation.

Any answers much appreciated.

Be very careful of the dedicated letting agent businesses... some will happily rent you their properties -read your contract very thoroughly - as you may well find that the water and elec rates are extortionate ie 35-45c per unit  for elec and between €3-5 per unit of water.... they bill you privately (ie no arms bill) be wary of these - one that i know of  are very  prominent letting agents....  am not saying all do but it is happening.

Toon: thank you for the quick response,
and specifics. Very helpful.

With our first two we used leases prepared by 'Frank Salt' with amendments agreed with landlord including a clause that the utilities would be paid on presentation of the original ARMs residential bill showing 2 residents.
The third one we used a copy of that to arrive at an agreement agreed between us.

Never had a problem with the main stream letting agents other than them advertising property that is not available. Always agreed details of lease direct with landlord and agent has no input on utility costs or anything else, simply amends any clauses as agreed with LL.

Quite simple, if you don't like anything in the agreement, walk away!


andy5m :

Toon: thank you for the quick response,
and specifics. Very helpful.

You seem to be worrying an awful lot.

i wouldnt say its worrying - but its only good practice to be informed and research your move - consider everything ignore nothing and then make up your own mind....

Thank you, Ray and Toon.

The idea here is not only to gather good info. myself, but to help
others who may read this thread in future.

I won`t bother with comment on the role of preparation on
the likelihood of success in outcomes.

Just manage expectations and you will be fine - enjoy and good luck

first flat I found with help of Remax agent
he shoved me around 50 flats till i found the right one (over the period of 2 weeks)
i was first tenant in apartment, as before me their son lived there but then moved oput of the country
they were great, everything was fixed and dealt with quickly

second one we saw add on Malta park, contacted owner, saw the flat and agreed on terms
we are still there after 3.5 years and hopefully we will stay there during our whole stay in Malta

when I started looking for 1 flat (new on Malta, living in hotel) i had questionnaire printed out, with questions  and suggestions from this blog
when I didn't like overall answers - I just said No thx

Thanks for the input, Duxx

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