Sri Lankans in France - Work and residency visas

Hello, I have a Sri Lankan friend (presently working in South Korea) who would like to come & work & live in France, I have looked a little at the visa requirements & it looks very difficult. I am a Brit living permanently in France. If any Sri Lankans living in France on this forum could contact me with any advice this would be very much appreciated, thank you.



It seems that there are Sri Lankans in France network here :

hope they will reply you on the forum or try to contact them privately.

If you have any specific questions, i invite you to post them here so that everyone can see and help you.

Good luck,

Thanks very much Christine, yes, I thought I'd already posted it on the France section of the website, to be honest, I don't find this website that easy to use but then, I am a bit of a dinosaur  :D . It seems that there are lots of Sri Lankans in France which is good to know....

Thanks again and Happy Christmas

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