Moved to Curitiba, PR


I moved to curitiba for work last week. Very much interested to get acquainted with the place and people. Hope to make some good friends.



Curitiba was the first city I`ve known extensively in Brazil after entering the country from Buenos Aires, Argentina by bus. It´s a beautiful city with very efficient transportation,
very good restaurants especially at the Santa Felicidade area. Everything you need should be there to support you.

If you already speak good Portuguese, go to the Largo da Ordem on Sunday where
there is a fair for locally made goods like paintings, other artifacts etc. Street foods,
bar and restaurants are open where you can engage locals for a good conversation.

The locals has like a "closed culture." I´m afraid they´re a little difficult to make friends with. I was able to make some friends with people working there that are from the interior of that state. I stayed for 8 months at a hotel at the Avenida 15 de Novembro. How I miss that city!

There´s a lot to go to. You should go to the Botanical Garden, Paseo Publico and there is the Shopping Müller where you can dine with the US junk foods like McDonald´s...

Chinese food is plenty. It´s so big a city that you should encounter also Indian food.

Happy exploring!


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