Marriage in Vietnam

Is the traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony considered to be a legal marriage or does the civil ceremony need to be carried out?

for legal marriage you have to go to register office first n both of you have to sign before the wedding ceremony takes place.

Just the wedding ceremony is not enough for it to be legal.Usually the paperwork is done at the UBND(peoples committee). Each province or small town/city have their own rules, there is no uniformity.

Both the legal marriage and wedding party  an be done at any time in any order to suit the couple marrying. So the wedding party can be either before or after the legal marriage.

For the family of my wife, only the wedding party was important.
They were not interested in if and when we would have the legal marriage.
The time of the party (determined by the pagoda) could have been also before the official wedding.

Although we had the marriage certificate a month before the wedding party, we were officially (by the family) allowed to live together only after the wedding party.

The legal marriage was only for me relevant.
Because I want that my wife is finally registred in my country because visa and pension (orphan's pension for the future children) issues.

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