Salary after TAX / Savings

I am offered a job with 25000 RM in KL .   I understand the tax for expats in KL is 28% . I would like to know if it will be same after 182 days as well ?

We are a family of 4 . Wife will not be working . I have 2 kids aged at 10 and 4 . I have estimated 5000 RM for there education in International schools . Is that enough ?

How much will be monthly household expenses in KL for a family of 4 ?

Tax resident rates are different.  There is a new set of tax rates and you can read about them in this brochure prepared by Price Waterhouse - … oklet.html

Rent is the most significant expenditure. This depends on the location you need to live in, the size and the age of the property.  You can check the housing rentals on websites such as or

RM5k per month might be OK for some international schools, but the best quality ones will cost more. There are hidden extras as well as non-returnable deposits etc. So the real-time cost is much higher than just the tuition fees. You can check the differences on sites such as: (informative database) … ala-lumpur (has map but does not include all available schools) (this is a service to help identify schools)

Rent - from RM3000 upwards
Internet, phone, TV, utiities - RM500
Supermarket RM1500
Transport -  car rental from RM1500 upwards
Transport - taxi-train-bus from RM200 per month
Transport - school bus from RM300 per month

COL websites can be found at Numbeo and Expatistan

You can live well on RM25k per month with expenses ranging up to 50% of the salary. A lot depends on where you will be working and the type of schools you choose. For example if you live around Brickfields and Seputeh it will cost less than living in say Damansara or Mont Kiara - also education fees and types of schools available. The curriculum you need for your elder child will dictate the level of fees as well.

thanks for your reply !!
Can you also suggest some good schools around Puchong

I have found below

Also looking for choice between dwi emas and Asia pacific international school

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