Moving to Turkey

Dear All,

I would like your advice and recommendation for a family of 5. We are planning to move to Turkey but would like to know of a good Family-oriented area where we can have a good life for our family.

We have 3 kids, ages 15, 13, and 7 and are looking to place them in a suitable school. We are aiming for Affordable/moderate schools that teach American or British Curriculum.

Your input and feedback will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you all in advance.
kind regards,

Hello Mirna,
You can live on Çamlîca area where there are a few international schools ; Çamlıca internatiol and Keystone international.  Çamlıca where I live is not over populated, very tranquil and well connected with metro and many bus lines.
When you come to Istanbul you can always contact me if you need any information.
Good luck with your new life in Istanbul.
Tuna Marasco

Thank You Tuna for your response.

i will definitely look into it.

Thank you again :)

You are welcome!  😊

Sorry  Mirna , while you're not learn all about turkey life don't move,it is not easy to survive in new country with still strong and strict tradition.and you have to learn Turkish unfortunately.good luck dear with all the best wishes

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