E pass minimum salary

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What is the minimum salary limit for E pass? My agent told me from this month mom increased E pass salary limit to 6000 SGD. Is it true?

And he told us yesterday MOM conducts a meeting with some employers to discuss about E pass scenarios ?


No, your employer or you may read wrongly, minimum salary limit is remaining same $3,600 (eligible to apply EP), but they increased salary limit to $6,000 allow you to bring your spouse and family here.

The minimum salary of S$3600/month to get an EP applies to fresh graduates - experienced or higher educated applicants need a higher pay (in line with their market value) to be eligible.
So it might well be that S$6000/month is the threshold for you - but MoM purposely keeps their criteria confidential and (as far as I know) also doesn't openly talk to companies about it, so your agent's claim is dubious (agents are known to be often less than honest).

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