withOsteoarthritis looking for the best climate

Hi, does anyone have experience with sever Osteoarthritis both knees & back

Ian looking for the best climate to try and get some relief and good tips on managing it

I've heard that Vietnam is a good place to live with condition, would appreciate any help please?


I developed osteoarthritis in both knees after removal of both meniscus tendons about 20 years ago.  Since leaving Vietnam, I have had both knees replaced with artificial joints.  I don't think Vietnam is a particularly good place for arthritis patients mostly because of the humidity.  Warmer climates are believed to be more favorable for pain but are not believed to have any effect on the progression of the disease.  Warm and dry is probably better than the warm and high humidity that you will encounter in most places in Vietnam.  I know that my knees got steadily, but not rapidly, worse during my three years in HCMC. 

Basically, I think southern Vietnam would be better than a cold damp place but not better than a warm dry place.  I have never been there but you may not want to live in Hanoi.

If you do decide to move to Vietnam, I have an excellent orthopedic physician who was trained in the US and other foreign medical schools.  If you PM me, I will give you his contact info.

Thanks for info I live in North Qld Australia but spend most of my time in pain & on concrete floor trying to get releaf


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