From what I can tell I need to have lived there for 6 months and also need a national ID card.

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The ID or cédula is sufficient to obtain a savings account at most Colombia banks, regardless of the number of months already spent in country. 

Six months -- actually 180 days -- is the maximum time allowable in Colombia on a tourist permit, including an extension of the original permit.  Obtaining a visa (which is the key prerequisite for the ID) is necessary to legally remain in Colombia beyond the tourist-permit period.

Any day now Colombia is expected to roll out the new three-year M-Class visas which will allow many Expats to remain in Colombia for three years before renewal.  Up to now, the commonly-sought TP visas allowed only a one-year stay prior to renewal.

cccmedia in Depto. de Nariño

Thank you so much for the info and your time.  Paul

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