Rejected from Saudi council

Sir can you help me for my problem my documents is rejected by the Saudi council due to lock of support's my mistake because I did not upload my certificate of employment and training certificate how can I reapply my saydi council again plz help me asap.

which is your category engineering or medical..? nurse..?

biomedical engineering

I'm Biomedical Engineer working in the company can you plz help me for my problem plzz

What I will do???

what all documents u submitted

Sir it's my mistake because I did not submit my supporting documents like training and certificate of employment so I need to re apply again it's that possible??? I submitted all my attestation form my course and already authenticate in my country just I have mistake.


You need to login to mumaris system and upload the remaining documents and re-submit your request for saudi council renewal.

Where can I find the mumaris system??? … e_enu%252F

What do u mean Sir not available?

It seems u r applying for renewal. Its easy, just search on google by typing mumares renewal. You would be asked weather u have previous registrtion in saudi council ; select yes and continue to provide data. At step of documents upload them. You should have scanned documents available in pdf format and picture in jpeg format . … newal.aspx … e_enu%252F

Im Biomedical Engeneer

Im Not a nurse nor Dr.... Im Engineer

did you tried to visit engineering council personally

what is the procedure to move from husbands sponsorship to my job

I just want to ask my application for renewal for saudi counsil is rejected and when i open my mumaris is say account is disabled or locked what does it mean thank

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