Work Visa in the UAE

I am a Canadian Citizen that lives in the US. I was approached by a recruiter from an international firm for a "SCRUM MASTER" position with a Bank in Dubai, I am an agile professional with several years experience in transforming teams from Waterfall to Agile methodologies, Apart from being a certified scrum master, I also have a masters degree in business.

First things first. Towards the end of the interview, the recruiter told me that they would be able to sponsor a work visa only if I was 55 and under - whereas I am 60 as of today. On doing some research, I came to know that way back in 2011, the ministry of labor in Dubai increased the age limit for work visas from 55 to 65.  There are several websites that provide the same information

Can you share your views on this subject?

Thanks in advance for your replies

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