Processing student visa in a neighboring country

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Does anyone (particularly Americans) have experience succefully processing a Brazilian student visa in a neighboring country as opposed to making the longer & more expensive flight home to process the student visa in the USA? Does anyone have info on this?

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I have the same question,  here I find out from another blog but want to be 100% make sure of that. because I come from Asian which is too far away to flight back and forth for the student visa.

Shawn says:
January 3, 2014 at 6:15 pm
Shannon –

It seems that a foreigner in Brazil can apply for their initial student visa (VITEM IV) at a consulate near Brazil (e.g. Buenos Aires or Ciudad del Este) and thus potentially avoid a long trip home (DC, in my case). If I am translating correctly, the language below suggests that the VITEM IV application process is exempt from the standard jurisdictional requirements. I’m currently in Rio on a tourist visa, so I may try this approach in the coming months.

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